About the journal

South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute starts admission of scientific and methodological papers for a scientific and pedagogical journal “Khabarshi of SKSPI”. The journal is registered in June 6, 2014 in the Agency of Communication and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Certificate №14373-x.

Working languages of the journal are Kazakh, Russian and English, the frequency output is 4 issues in a year.

4 times were issued from September 2014: in 2014 - 1 (01), 2 (02), in 2015 - 1 (03), 2 (04). The journal publishes the research outcomes in education, fundamental and applied sciences. Sphere of distribution: The Republic of Kazakhstan, CIS and overseas area.

Due to the renaming of South Kazakhstan state pedagogical Institute to South Kazakhstan state pedagogical University  since January 2018, scientific and pedagogical journal has been renamed as  “ Khabarshi of SKSPU”  which was reregistered by the press Committee  and the agency of information and accounting  and reregistered online edition of the Ministry of information and communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan and issued a  certificate        15.03.2018 ж. №16979-Ж.

This journal contains the results of researches in education sphere, fundamental and applied science. Spreading sphere: the Republic of Kazakhstan, near and far abroad.